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At craig logistics, we're not just in the business of transportation; we're in the business of diversity and excellence. As a proud minority-owned company, we are committed to setting new standards in the industry.
As a minority-owned company, Craig Logistics is not just a logistical choice; it's a commitment to supporting and empowering minority businesses. From drivers to logistics professionals, we celebrate the richness of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. It's this diversity that empowers us to provide top-notch transportation solutions with a unique and inclusive approach.

We bring a unique perspective to the table, driving our company forward with inclusivity and innovation. Donny Craig's vision exemplifies how diversity isn't just a part of our identity; it's our strength, guiding our company to unparalleled success.

Our diversity extends to our workforce, where individuals from various backgrounds contribute their unique perspectives. We believe that a diverse team not only enhances our capabilities but also ensures a richer, more inclusive trucking experience for our clients.
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 3600 Power Inn Road #H4 Sacramento, California 95826  (916) 298.9008
3600 Power Inn Road #H4
Sacramento, California 95826  (916) 298.9008