a distinguished logistics company with a proud legacy of service. Founded by a dedicated individual with a 20-year tenure in the United States Air Force, our commitment to excellence is ingrained in every mile we drive.

Our Founder's Legacy
    At Craig Logistics, we honor the discipline, integrity, and dedication instilled during our founder's military service. With two decades of experience in the United States Air Force, our owner brings a unique perspective to the world of logistics. Our operations are built on the principles of precision, reliability, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

    Just as our founder served with honor beyond the call of duty, Craig Logistics goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional transportation solutions. Whether it's freight transportation, logistics management, or supply chain optimization, we handle every task with the same level of commitment that defined our founder's military career.
    Donald Craig has infused the values instilled by his military background into the core of our organization. From strategic planning to day-to-day execution, his commitment to excellence is the guiding force that propels our team forward.
    • Proven Integrity

      Just as in the armed forces, we value integrity above all else, ensuring transparent and trustworthy partnerships.
    • Veteran-Led Team

      Our team is composed of skilled professionals who understand the importance of discipline and teamwork.
    • Military Precision

      Our operations mirror the precision and attention to detail instilled by our founder's military training and career.
    Join us on the journey as we carry the legacy of military excellence into the heart of the logistics industry. At Craig Logistics, we don't just move cargo; we transport the essence of discipline, commitment, and veteran-owned pride.

    Your journey, our commitment – Craig Logistics, where excellence is our legacy.
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     3600 Power Inn Road #H4 Sacramento, California 95826  (916) 298.9008
    3600 Power Inn Road #H4
    Sacramento, California 95826  (916) 298.9008